logoWe’ve always found that the greater our client’s knowledge, the more accurate and informed their decisions.  That’s why we’ve included a wealth of information on our website (gathered from various sources on the web) for you to learn about, understand and know what to do if you suspect that your home or office may have a bed bug infestation.

If you are curious about bed bugs in general and want to learn more about them, please visit our bed bug FAQ page.

If you’ve already done  (or aren’t interested in doing) that and simply want to know more about our specific service, then read on.

Bed Bug Extermination Methods

Over the years we’ve seen  and heard a lot of theories when it comes to killing bed bugs.  From toxic sprays and chemicals to vacuums, steamers, and even freezing.  None of them work like our Ultimate Thermal Service. It is the single most effective method of killing bed bugs known.  We wouldn’t be basing our livelihoods on it – if it were not.

So while no one method alone can ensure that bed bugs never return, our method, the Ultimate Thermal Service ensures that every bed bug in your office or home is dead when we leave.  After that we provide you education and knowledge to help prevent a bed bug contamination from happening again.

Our Process

We start with a scheduled consultation so we can assess the best course of treatment for your commercial or residential building.

This free consultation discusses the plan of attack best suited to your situation, and explains in more detail how we kill the bed bugs present in your office or dwelling. We will outline the client requirements  before, during and after the actual extermination process.

On the agreed upon date we roll up in discreetly labeled vehicles and equipment and sterilize your space, getting your bed bug problem solved quickly and efficiently. The house continues to cook overnight after BTU leaves – so you are back in your house the very next day.

BTU’s super heating process kills bed bugs and their eggs, but is safe for your house or office. Of course, any items that might be damaged by this level of heat – instruments, candles, art, food, cosmetics, liquid chemicals, pets, and plasma TV’s must be removed from the home to protect them, they can be moved right back in once the house has been cleansed.  (We provide you with a comprehensive checklist of items to consider removing before we begin.)

IMG_0961Bed bugs and their larvae die at 120 Degrees Fahrenheit – which is why BTU’s raises the temperature of your house to 125 degrees and keeps it there until every bed bug is dead!  Unlike other methods of bed bug control, we use a safe and non-damaging exothermic chemical process to generate heat, instead of electrical heaters which can be a fire hazard or produce unsafe fumes.

BTU’s method, including the use of multiple industrial-strength fans kills bed bugs wherever they are found: Crawlspaces, basements, inside cupboards, carpet, couches under mattresses, upstairs, downstairs you name it.

With our process, there’s no chemical residue, and we are very discrete, solving your bed bug issues without broadcasting that there was an ever an issue.

Finally, we warranty our work and will return free-of-charge if there are any signs that the bed bugs were not completely eradicated the first time. We have worked with single family homes, multi family homes, hotels, motels and commercial buildings.  No job is too big or too small!

If you are in Regina or the surrounding area, call us today at 306-551-2884.


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