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About Lacy

Lacy Bed Bug Detection Dog


The Bed Bug Detector You Can Trust!

Lacy is no ordinary Black Labrador Retriever; she's an integral part of our team, specializing in bed bug detection. Highly trained and exceptionally motivated, Lacy possesses an innate drive to seek out and identify the presence of bed bugs. Her enthusiasm for the task is evident in every sweep she makes.

This black lab prodigy is a bed bug detection marvel, capable of inspecting up to 40 units in a single day. Her keen sense of smell, honed through rigorous training, allows her to pinpoint even the slightest traces of these unwanted pests. With Lacy on board, we ensure a thorough and precise bed bug detection process, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Trust Lacy to be your reliable ally in the battle against bed bugs. Her dedication and expertise are second to none, making her an invaluable asset to our team and your safeguard against these pesky invaders. With Lacy by our side, you can rest assured that no bed bug will go undetected.

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