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Bed Bugs Can Cost Your Business

Bed Bugs Can Cost Your Business

Bed Bugs Are Bad For Business

It’s no secret that a rumor of bed bugs can cost your business, especially if you are in the hotel business!

But this excellent blog article from the US, shows how research explained just what those costs could be.  Other websites like the bed bug registry allow users to make claims about bed bugs at everything from Hotels to apartments to restaurants.

While we are all for public awareness and the idea of a possible tenant or hotel guest having access to information, this site specifically doesn’t give enough info.  There’s no good way for that business owner to negate the claims or show what they’ve done to address the issue (if there even was one).  So this example in particular does more harm than it does good we feel.  We would recommend you not rely on it. ( The site’s fine print does say you can email them to dispute a claim – but the public doesn’t see that, it’s behind the scenes and the damage to your business may already have been done)

However, we do see the need for a website that verifies these reports are accurate and then posts good reliable information on them as well as allows business owners to follow-up and report pest eradication or bed bug extermination after the fact. Hmm, we may just have a new website in the works!