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Syrian Refugees Welcomed by Bed Bugs?

Syrian Refugees Welcomed by Bed Bugs?

CBC recently published an interesting article that centered around bed bugs and bite marks. You can read it here.

Essentially a Syrian Refugee family was moved into a Halifax Apartment complex and are complaining that their residence is crawling with bed bugs.  The Government Agency that placed them says it fumigated the complex and has been there every day checking for bed bugs and cannot find any.

But the Refugee family shows their toddler son’s back, riddled with rash and bite marks as evidence of their complaints. The Government Agency claims the boy had the rash and skin condition before they ever moved in and that they had been told before the move that they needed to seek medical attention for the boy’s condition.

Whose right? Whose wrong? We’ll let you form your own opinions on that.

What we can advise is that to prevent yourself being in a situation similar – whether you are a renter or a landlord, Call us and we’ll inspect your dwelling, use professionally -trained canines and let you know whether or not there are any signs of bed bugs in your residence, office or rental property. If there is we’ll turn up the heat (not fumigate) and GUARANTEE that the bed bugs problem goes away.