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The Bed Bug Stigma

The Bed Bug Stigma

Adjusting Our Perspective- Killing the Bed Bug Stigma

Prairie Dog Magazine recently published an interesting article.  The article talked about addressing the bed bug stigma in our society; that bed bugs are a sign of dirty people who don’t wash or live a less than sanitary lifestyle.

However, bed bugs can happen to anyone. They can be much like a cold. Everyday we are in contact with many places and people who all could potentially pass a bed bug onto us.

Especially those who live in common dwellings like condominiums, apartments and townhouses. A bed bug infestation could happen to the neatest, cleanest, most organized household in the city. The only difference would be that regular cleaning and inspection of your dwelling, especially your bed-sheets, mattresses etc. will help you identify any sign of bed bugs before the infestation grows.

Renters and Owners

As this article points out – we need to shift our focus from promoting and furthering bed bug stigmas to open and clear communication between renters and owners or facility managers. Tenants need to feel comfortable to contact landlords regularly – even if they only suspect bed bugs. And landlords can be pro-active conducting regular inspections of their properties. Bed bug detection canines, like the one we use her at BTU’s are the most effective way to quickly and efficiently search an area for signs of bed bugs.