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Why You Should Hire Us

Why You Should Hire Us

When you want something done right, the very first time you don’t use an amateur.  Frankly, no matter how much you want to kill those terrible bed bugs, if you’re new to the task, you are undoubtedly going to miss some very important things.  Bed bugs are so disgusting and disturbing that you don’t want to just kill some of them, you want to kill every last one and be sure.

So don’t tackle this task yourself.  Call BTU’s and hire us instead.  We’re professionals. We kill bed bugs all day long, day in and day out.

Other Reasons You Should Hire Us if You Have Bed Bugs

  • We have resources that you don’t, like our professionally-trained bed bug detection dog, Elliot Sniff.
  • Our equipment is industrial strength.
  • Our process is quick.
  • Our method is proven.
  • Our service is excellent.
  • We guarantee our work.

In short, when it comes to bed bug infestations, it pays to hire a professional. We’d love to meet with you, evaluate your specific situation and then provide you a fair and honest quote for our professional extermination services.  So if you are in Regina or the surrounding area, call us today at 306-551-2884.