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Beware of Bogus Bed Bug Remedies

Beware of Bogus Bed Bug Remedies

Here’s a short but interesting article from the Huffington Post:

It’s gratifying to see some sort of consequences for atleast two of these sham companies that prey on and take advantage of people with the terrible problem of bed bugs.  It’s just not right.  As professionals who deal with these resiliant creatures every day, we know how tough and how resistant bed bugs can be.  We know that cinnamon, lemongrass and cedar oil (or whatever the latest fads are) won’t do a thing to eliminate bed bugs from your Regina office or home.

But it is an uphill battle fighting these bogus claims and trying to educate people on just how ridiculous these claims are. Deal with one and three more pop up.

Killing the Bogus Bed Bug Remedies

Folks, we’ve said it many times and we’ll keep saying it. “Stop using household elements, sprays, chemicals, herbs, spices or anything else to try and kill bed bugs!”  They don’t work. What does work is heat. That tiny bed bug body may have developed many resistances, but it has not and will not ever be resistant to extreme heat.

That’s why we use a safe and non-damaging exothermic chemical process to generate heat, instead of electrical heaters which can be a fire hazard or produce unsafe fumes.  We crank up the temperature in your home or office to 125 degree Fahrenheit and we spread that heat around evenly with multiple industrial-strength fans  that kill bed bugs wherever they are hiding. There is no chemical residue, no fire hazards and no cinnamon, lemon or cedar oil smells.  We guarantee the bugs will be dead – or we’ll come back and redo the process. (Read more about our service here)

Now that’s service you can count on.